TFS Acceleration

Get a 500+ Core TFS Build Agent with the Hardware You Already Own?



The process of releasing new software can be complex, and in many cases, lengthy. A rapid feedback cycle, knowing whether the latest build of the software passed successfully or not, can often mean the difference between being able to quickly fix defects in the product, and having those defects remain undiscovered until later in the project’s lifecycle, increasing the cost and difficulty of fixing it exponentially. While Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS) helps you automate and streamline the process of building software, larger projects may take too long to give the necessary feedback.


Combining the build process automation capabilities of TFS with IncrediBuild’s unique process virtualization capabilities can help you speed up your build process by allowing your TFS build machine to utilize all of the cores in all of the machines across your network.

With hundreds of cores to your build agent’s disposal your TFS workflow can now perform much faster.

Highly accelerate your compilation time, unit tests, code analysis, regression tests and any time-consuming process.


IncrediBuild can be incorporated into your existing TFS build workflow, and be set to initiate the compilation. When activated it intercepts the calls to the compiler, and detours the call to be run remotely on another machine. IncrediBuild makes sure that the remote executor has what it needs for running the compilation process, and the remote machine sends the compilation results back to the initiator (the build agent).


In essence, all you need to do in order to improve compilation process, is to replace the TFS build activity that runs MSBuild, with IncrediBuild’s TFS activity, and configure it.

You can further improve the performance by removing the for-each loop that iterates over the configurations, and configure IncrediBuild to compile the solution for all of the desired configuration and platform combinations.

An easy-to-use IncrediBuild TFS activity that harness all the processing power across your network in a matter of minutes to provide faster code builds is available as part of our IncrediBuild for Visual Studio and IncrediBuild for Make & Build Tools users.