Accelerating and Distributing Custom Tools

Accelerating and Distributing Custom Tools

BuildConsole /command enables accelerating the build time of a predefined set of standard Make and other build tools and supported compilers. IncrediBuild offers an additional extension package (IncrediBuild for Dev Tools), which enables users to add acceleration and distribution support for other tools and processes that are used in the development environment.

Support can be extended to additional tools, by adding /Profile to the BuildConsole command, provided you have the Dev Tools package (see IncrediBuild for Dev Tools).  For example, if you have a Make application, which includes compression of files and encoding to audio files. You can accelerate or distribute parts of the audio encoding and/or compression, by adding profile.xml to the buildconsole command, and in profile.xml, defining to IncrediBuild the tools that you want to continue to accelerate. This is the done the same as in Visual Studio 2010 and later.

To add support for other tools using a profile XML file:

  1. Create a profile XML file as described in Automatic Interception Interface – Profile XML File section.
  2. Define in the profile XML file the tools that you want 'BuildConsole /command' to accelerate and distribute.
  3. Add the /profile option to your BuildConsole command line:
    BuildConsole /command="<job command line>" [Options] /profile="Profile.XML"