IBConsole: The IncrediBuild Central Command

IBConsole: The IncrediBuild Central Command


IBConsole is a command line execution file that initializes the IncrediBuild engine and executes IncrediBuild in various configurations during runtime. Various parameters can be added to the command line in order to handle the way IncrediBuild is initialized. 

In order to accelerate applications with IncrediBuild for Dev Tools, they must be run via the IBConsole command.

The "IBConsole.exe" is located in the IncrediBuild installation folder.


The basic command line syntax for running a job through the XML Interface is:

IBConsole.exe [/Build|/Rebuild/Clean] [Other Options*]

*Other Options: Refer to the CLI section for the complete list of IBConsole command line options.

For details regarding usage of IBConsole, see the IBConsole Command Reference section