IncrediBuild for Visual Studio

IncrediBuild for Visual Studio

IncrediBuild can significantly speed up the code build time of any version of Microsoft Visual Studio by distributing C/C++/C# compilation and other tasks, custom build rules, and build events across available machines in the local network. This is achieved without requiring any changes to the project files, computer setup, or source code. It is an out-of-the-box solution that does not  require any integration, writing, or use of interfaces.

Once an IncrediBuild Agent is installed on a development workstation, an "IncrediBuild" toolbar and menu are added to the Visual Studio IDE. The IncrediBuild toolbar contains Build, Rebuild, Clean, and other relevant operations that exist alongside the equivalent Visual Studio actions.

The main advantages of IncrediBuild for Visual Studio are:

When building a project in Visual Studio with IncrediBuild, the option exists to build a project from the default Visual Studio Build menu or from the IncrmediBuild menu (see figure below).  It is recommended to build projects only from the IncrediBuild menu to guarantee significant acceleration of the build time.

For a more detailed overview on accelerating Visual Studio projects using IncrediBuild, see the detailed chapter on Visual Studio builds.