IncrediBuild User Manual

Welcome to IncrediBuild!

IncrediBuild accelerates various Windows-based processes such as code builds, data builds, scripts, and custom applications by distributing in parallel the execution of time-consuming processes across available machines in the local network. IncrediBuild Process Virtualization technology makes distributing a process both simple and safe, eliminating the need for network shares, file copying scripts and other laborious configuration tasks.

IncrediBuild distributes processes across idle cores in the network on users' machines, without interfering with their regular usage and without the users being aware that IncrediBuild is utilizing their idle cores while they are working on their machines. This enables IncrediBuild to accelerate applications and time-consuming processes without requiring the purchase of expensive dedicated hardware to do so. Instead, IncrediBuild utilizes the hardware already existing in your company, which sometimes aggregates to hundreds of cores.

IncrediBuild offers solutions for acceleration of the following:

Read the following sections for a summary of these solutions. See IncrediBuild Solutions for a detailed explanation of each of these solutions.

Accelerating Microsoft Visual Studio Builds

Seamlessly integrated with MS Visual Studio, IncrediBuild speeds up Visual Studio code builds by distributing C/C++/C# compilation tasks, custom build rules, and build events over the network. No changes to project files or computer setup are required.

See here for more information.

Accelerating Make-based Builds and Other Build Engines

IncrediBuild accelerates execution of a wide variety of standard Make tools such as gmake, SCons, Jam, Ant, and many others, requiring little or no change to the makefile contents.

See here for more information.

Accelerating DevelopmentTools

Many custom applications that sequentially run tools can be easily accelerated by running these tools in parallel over the network through the IncrediBuild interfaces .

Relevant custom applications are rendering, CAD simulations, financial simulations, statistics, compression tools, code analysis, and more.

See here for more information.

Accelerating Games

Gaming companies can speed development time and reduce their build time by more than 90% with IncrediBuild. The all-in-one solution is integrated with the latest versions of Visual Studio 2015 and is tuned to work with all Make and Build solutions. The unified platform allows a single build process for all consoles, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PS-Vita, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®2, Nintendo Wii UTM, Nintendo 3DSTM , Nintendo Wii, and others.

See here for more information.