Using a Backup Coordinator

Using a Backup Coordinator

This section describes how to install and use an IncrediBuild Backup Coordinator.


IncrediBuild's environment depends on the Coordinator component's availability to successfully run distributed builds. When the Coordinator is unavailable, it is still possible to build using IncrediBuild Agents, but only in the much slower standalone mode.

To ensure the highest possible availability for the distributed build environment, a Backup Coordinator should be installed. The Backup Coordinator is normally idle, and is only activated if the primary Coordinator becomes unavailable for some reason. When this state is reached, the IncrediBuild Agents all switch to the Backup Coordinator, making it possible to continue using IncrediBuild while the problem is solved. Once the primary Coordinator is restored, Agents automatically return to the standard configuration.

Setting up a Backup Coordinator

The following procedure must be performed to set up a Backup Coordinator.

To set up a Backup Coordinator:

  1. Install the Backup Coordinator – Follow these steps:
    a. Run the IncrediBuild setup application on the machine selected to act as the Backup Coordinator.
    b. In the Component Selection page, select IncrediBuild Backup Coordinator.
    c. In the Coordinator Selection page, input the name of the machine running the Primary Coordinator.
    Note that you may also install a Backup Coordinator on a machine running an IncrediBuild Agent.
  2. Select this machine as the active Backup Coordinator – Follow these steps:
    a. Open the Coordinator Monitor in the machine running the Primary Coordinator.
    b. Open the Coordinator Settings dialog box using the View->Settings... menu option.
    c. Navigate to the Coordinator->Backup settings page.
    d. Use the Backup Coordinator Settings page to configure the installed Backup Coordinator as the active Backup Coordinator.