Testing Network Connectivity

Testing Network Connectivity

The Network Connectivity test can be used to locate network issues and bottlenecks. The tool sends test data to all Agents connected to the Coordinator, which in turn send back the same data. Network performance for each Agent is recorded, with the test repeated four times to rule out random results.

The Network Connectivity test can be started from the Agent Settings dialog Network->General page, the Coordinator Monitor menu, or the "IncrediBuild" entry in the Start menu.

Once the test completes, the test results are displayed:

The following columns are shown for each Agent tested:

Column Description
Icon Green indicates that the connection was successful.
Agent Name The network name of the machine running the Agent.
Status The Agent's current availability and its network adapter speed.
Performance An assessment of the Agent's overall network performance. The percentage indicates how much of the network connection's potential was utilized in the test.
Receive Performance Speed recorded while the Agent received data.
Send Performance Speed recorded while the Agent sent data.
Round-Trip Time Average time taken for the whole test round-trip (send+receive). The results of all four tests are also shown.
IP Address The machine's IP address and port.
Remote Connection Details for the network adapter used for the test by the selected Agent.
Local Connection

Details for the network adapter used for the test by the local Agent.

Working with Network Connectivity test results

Once the test has completed, check for any Agents marked as "Poor" in the performance column. If any such Agents appear, check their machine's hardware for outdated network cards which may need replacement. It can also help to examine these machines' network configurations for any differences from machines rated "Good" or "Excellent". Finally, disabling these Agents permanently may have a positive effect on build performance. The disabled Agent will still be able to run distributed builds, but will not be included in builds initiated by other machines. To keep the "Disabled" state between system reboots, use the Agent Settings dialog Agent->Preferences page.