IncrediBuild Agent Tray-Icon Display

The IncrediBuild Agent Tray-Icon Display

Once logged in to your computer, the Agent tray-icon  appears in the system tray on the lower-right-hand corner of your screen. A tooltip is displayed when hovering the mouse pointer directly above the icon, indicating any build activity taking place, as well as the status of the Agent's connection to the Coordinator.

Right-clicking the tray-icon displays the Agent menu, with the following options:

Option Description
Update Version... This option appears when a more recent version is installed on the Coordinator machine. Select this option to update the Agent's version.
Build Monitor Displays or closes the Build Monitor for the current (or last run) build.
Build History Opens the Build History window, which lists previous builds and allows you to view their output text and distributed build progress.
Build Opens the Batch Build dialog that allows Build, Rebuild, and Clean operations to be performed on solution, workspace, and project files.
Stop Build Stops a currently running build. Note that this applies only to builds initiated from the local Agent, and not to compilation tasks being performed for a remote Agent.
IncrediBuild on the Web Provides access to version updates, the IncrediBuild feedback form, and other online features.
Help Customer-support related options, and access to this manual.
Contact Support Opens up a new web browser page showing the IncrediBuild Support Center.
Agent Settings Opens the Agent Settings dialog.
Coordinator Monitor

Opens the Coordinator Monitor (on Agent machines, this opens in read-only mode).

Enable/Disable as Helper  Allows the local Agent to initiate IncrediBuild tasks but allows/disallows it to act as Helper to other machines. When disabled, the Agent tray-icon display is shown with a diagonal red line across it to indicate its status.
Note that it is possible to prevent specific Agents from entering "Disabled" mode using the Coordinator Monitor's Allow Disable feature.
Exit Removes the tray-icon display. Note that this does not stop the Agent service, and the IncrediBuild Agent continues to function on this machine.