Agent Settings Dialog Visual Studio Builds->Browse Information Page

Agent Settings Dialog – Visual Studio Builds->Browse Information Page

The Visual Studio Builds->Browse Information page controls how this Agent creates project browse information.


Browse Information Creation

MSVC's browse information feature enables source code navigation to symbol definitions and declarations, automatic completion of function parameters, and other useful features. When in use, the compiler generates a file with the .SBR extension for each source file. At the end of each build, browse information is generated by running the BSCMake tool that "links" the .SBR files into a single file (with the .BSC extension) used by MSVC for browse information. Generating browse information can slow down builds; therefore, it is not always used.

IncrediBuild provides the following behavior options in the context of browse information creation:

Always generate .SBR files according to project settings

When selected, this option generates .SBR files (used to build browse information) only if the project settings for the configuration being built specify "Generate browse info" in the C/C++ page (VC6.0) or "Enable browse information" in the C/C++->Browse information page (VC.NET). Deselecting this option causes IncrediBuild to determine whether to generate .SBR files or not to according to the "Generate .BSC file" setting. This may result in interoperability problems when using both IncrediBuild and MSVC to build a project that uses precompiled headers.

Generate .BSC (Source Browser database) file:

This option controls whether IncrediBuild will run the BSCMake step, which builds browse information. The following options are available:

  • According to 'Generate browse info' project setting – THe C/C++ page in MSVC's Project Settings dialog defines whether .SBR files are generated when compiling. This setting causes IncrediBuild to create browse information only if the 'Generate browse info' Project Settings option is selected. Note that the 'Build browse info file' setting (found under the "Browse Info" page in the project settings dialog) does not affect IncrediBuild's behavior in any way.
  • Never – Do not generate browse information in any case. This is the default option.
  • Always – Always generate browse information.
  • Only for configurations containing these words – Allows specification of a list of strings for IncrediBuild to look for in the configuration name. If one or more is found, browse information will be generated for that configuration. Multiple strings can be entered and separated by a comma or semicolon character. If, for example, the string "Debug" is used in this option, IncrediBuild will generate browse information for all configurations containing the word "Debug". Note that the keyword search is not case sensitive.
  • When the "Always generate .SBR files according to project settings" option is selected, any conflicts between the "Generate .BSC file" option and the project settings will be determined according to the project settings.