Agent Settings Dialog Visual Studio Builds->Interoperability Page

Agent Settings Dialog Visual Studio Builds->Interoperability Page


The Visual Studio Builds->Interoperability Page controls the state of IncrediBuild's interoperability mode. When interoperability mode is enabled, intermediate files generated by IncrediBuild and those generated by Visual Studio can be used interchangeably. When interoperability mode is disabled, it may not be possible to build projects that use precompiled headers and contain .OBJ files compiled by mixed sources (IncrediBuild and standard MSVC builds).

Note that interoperability mode is required and activated for:

When interoperability is enabled, the Microsoft compiler executable (cl.exe) is modified and a dependency on "xgInterop.dll", an IncrediBuild dynamic library stored in the Windows System32 folder, is added to it in order to enable the IncrediBuild/Visual Studio interoperability.
Disabling interoperability restores the compiler executable to its original state and removes the additional dependency.


Visual Studio .NET / 2005 / 2008 Interoperability

The following action buttons are available:

Enable –  enables Visual Studio interoperability

Disable –  disables Visual Studio interoperability

The display lists all build platforms for which interoperability mode applies, along with their corresponding compiler file path.