Agent Settings Dialog Visual Studio Builds->Linker Page

Agent Settings Dialog – Visual Studio Builds->Linker Page


The Visual Studio Builds->Linker page contains settings that affect the link stage in Visual Studio builds:


Link Options (Visual Studio 6.0)

Don't separate types when linking

This option instructs IncrediBuild to always use the /pdbtype:con linker option, even when /pdbtype:sept is explicitly stated in the project. Selecting this option causes IncrediBuild to store the entire project's debug information in a single PDB file, rather than in several files. Note that since IncrediBuild creates distinct PDB files for each Agent participating in a build, any script that accesses the project's debug information files must take this into account when this option is not selected.

  • This feature only affects MSVC 6.0 builds. For more information on the /pdbtype linker option see MSDN library topic "/PDBTYPE".

IncrediLink (Visual Studio .NET / 2005 / 2008)

By default, enable IncrediLink

Enables IncrediLink mode which speeds up incremental linking. See here for more details.

In Visual Studio 2005/2008, enable IncrediLink

Controls how the IncrediLink option corresponds to the functionally equivalent "Use Library Dependency Inputs" Visual Studio project setting.