Agent Settings Dialog Agent->General Page

Agent Settings Dialog Agent->General Page

The Agent->General page contains commonly used Settings for the IncrediBuild Agent:

Agent Service

Use the Agent Service Start, Stop, or Restart button to start, stop, or restart the IncrediBuild Agent Service ("BuildService.exe"). This section also displays the current status of the IncrediBuild Agent Service (either "Running", "Stopping", "Stopped", or "Starting").

Build History

The Build History settings are used in conjunction with the tray-icon "Build History..." command.

Days to keep builds in history

Sets the number of days that IncrediBuild saves past builds for display in the Build History window.

Clear History

Deletes all saved builds from the Build History storage.


Logging level

When working with IncrediBuild Technical Support on a technical issue, you may be asked to change this setting in order to provide more information. It is generally recommended to keep this option set to Minimal. Other logging levels can affect the performance.


  • Technical Support may request you to select a different logging level. In this case, when you are finished resolving the technical issue, reset the logging level to Minimal. 


The "Change Skin" button

It's possible to change to look and feel of IncrediBuild's windows and dialogs by applying different skins.

Clicking on the Change Skin button opens the “Select skin” dialog, from which you can choose from several skins. The default skin is Windows 7.

A preview of the selected skin can be viewed in the right pane of the Select Skin dialog.