Agent Settings Dialog Agent->CPU Utilization Page

Agent Settings Dialog Agent->CPU Utilization Page

The Agent->CPU Utilization page defines how the Agent will utilize the machine's processors:

CPU Utilization - when acting as Initiator

This option allows you to override the number of logical processors IncrediBuild detects and reports to the Coordinator when it initiates builds.

In certain cases (in particular on machines with multiple cores and/or hyper threaded processors), IncrediBuild may list a choice of more than one possible hardware configuration. Choose the one that best describes your machine's hardware.

Utilize x logical core(s) When "User Defined" is selected in the dropdown list, this setting can be used to explicitly set a custom number of cores that will be used by IncrediBuild on that machine.

  • In registered licenses, the "X cores" extension package must be allocated to an Agent in order for it to utilize additional processors or cores in builds.
  • Decreasing the "Utilize x logical cores" setting from a higher value to "1", reallocates the "Multiple CPU(s)/Core(s)" or "Agent + X cores" extension package from the Agent. Restoring use of multiple processors requires you to reallocate the package to the Agent using the Coordinator application.

CPU Utilization - when acting as Helper

By default, this setting is the same as was detected in the "CPU Utilization - when acting as Initiator" section which means that your core usage will be the same whether your Agent is being used as a Helper or as an Initiator.

In certain cases you may want to use a different cores amount when your Agent is used as Helper. In order to do so, simply define the desired cores amount in the select box.