Agent Settings Dialog Helper->General Page

Agent Settings Dialog – Helper->General Page

The Helper->General page includes various options that affect how the Agent participates in builds:

Executed Task Process Priority

Process priority for remotely initiated builds

This controls the CPU priority given to tasks run by this machine while participating in builds initiated by a remote Agent. It is generally recommended to keep the default settings

  • During screen saver operation, the Agent operates in a high-priority thread (to improve performance).

File Cache

Agents use a special cache to store files from other Agents' file systems for use in distributed builds. All of the Agent's file activity is performed using files stored in this file cache. This ensures that the computer's actual file system and environment are kept safe.

The file cache can affect build performance; if the file cache size is too small, the Coordinator screen notifies you and suggests to increase the file cache size.


This sets the size allocated for the Agent file cache. If the total size of your input files exceeds the default value, increase the file cache size in order to improve performance.


Specifies where IncrediBuild will store the file cache. The default location is the IncrediBuild installation folder.

Clear Contents

This button clears the file cache contents.


This button browses the file system in order to specify the file cache location.