Agent Settings Dialog Build Monitor->General Page

Agent Settings Dialog – Build Monitor->General Page

The Build Monitor->General page contains basic Build Monitor options:



Switch to this page on build start

Allows you to choose a page that will initially be displayed in the Build Monitor when starting a build. Choose one of the five options from the list (Progress, Projects, Output, Summary, or Did you know?), or clear the checkbox to keep the last shown page when starting a new build.

Progress View Mouse Wheel Behavior

Scrolling the mouse wheel in the Progress view should:

Allows you to define the scroll wheel's function in the Build Monitor Progress view. Select one of the following:

  • scroll view vertically
  • scroll view horizontally
  • zoom in/out

Keyboard Shortcuts

In the Build Monitor, there are some keyboard buttons with default shortcuts. You can use this feature to override keyboard shortcut keys that IncrediBuild uses for the Build Monitor.

  • You can change keyboard shortcuts used to activate IncrediBuild commands from within MSVC's IDE using MSVC's Customize command. For more information on this, visit the section on Customizing Microsoft Visual C++ Integration.