Agent Settings Dialog Build Monitor->Warnings Page

Agent Settings Dialog – Build Monitor->Warnings Page

The Build Monitor->Warnings page is used to prevent specific IncrediBuild system warnings from showing up during builds:

Warning Messages

Lists all of IncrediBuild's warning messages, and allows you to suppress the use of certain messages by deselecting the checkbox to the left of a message.

  • Most warnings may indicate a problem in the build, so be sure to consult the documentation before suppressing use of an error message.

Display Automatic Recovery messages

When this option is selected, IncrediBuild displays a notification whenever it encounters a problem executing a distributable task but manages to recover from that problem. These messages appear in the Build Monitor 'Messages' view.

Enable Messages tab blinking effect

When selected, if an internal IncrediBuild message (warning or error) appears during a build, the "Messages" tab blinks until clicked. When this option is disabled, the tab shows up with a normal appearance.