Agent Settings Dialog Initiator->Advanced Page

Agent Settings Dialog - Initiator->Advanced Page

The Initiator->Advanced page contained advanced settings that affect builds initiated by this Agent:


Monitor file system changes to minimize directory access

This feature optimizes directory access to allow faster builds in scenarios involving input files located on network folders and/or input file trees containing a large number of folders. This feature is available only on 32-bit versions of MS Windows.

Write output to disk in the background

When this option is enabled, output files are physically written to disk in the background, which may improve task scheduling speed in some environments. It is recommended to benchmark performance with and without this option before leaving it enabled.

Enable minimal directory synchronization

This feature can be used to speed up directory synchronization in Visual Studio builds. When this feature is enabled, IncrediBuild only performs source-file timestamp checking once, except for files and folders that have been explicitly marked as being outputs of other tasks in the build (for example, a file generated by a Visual Studio custom build step that "generates" source files is re-sent to remote Agents once it has been modified, as long as that file has been explicitly declared as an output file). This mode may significantly improve build times in environments that store source files in slow file systems (for example, in version-control databases or remote file servers).

  • When using minimal directory synchronization, all tasks that generate files used as input by other steps in the build must explicitly declare those files as output files. Not doing so may result in build errors or in older versions of these files being used in the build. MSVC's output file definition mechanism will be sufficient. For cases in which source files are generated using Post-Build/Pre-Link/Pre-Build steps (for which output files cannot be declared) or for other special cases, see the advanced Output File Definition Directives section.

Timestamp Comparison

Use this threshold when comparing files timestamps

Sets a minimal timestamp difference threshold (in seconds) for IncrediBuild to use when comparing input and output file timestamps. For example, if the threshold is set to 5 and an .OBJ file is 3 seconds older than its source file, that source file is not compiled when an incremental build is run. Use this option only if you specifically need to use a higher threshold.


Terminate Helper Processes after X Seconds

This option defines a maximal legitimate duration for a distributable task. Tasks that exceed the specified duration are automatically terminated and reassigned to another Agent.

Terminate inactive Helper processes

When this option is enabled, IncrediBuild detects distributed tasks that consistently do not receive CPU cycles for over 16 seconds. If a running task meets this criteria, it is terminated and reassigned to another Agent.