Agent Settings Dialog Initiator->General Page

Agent Settings Dialog Initiator->General Page

The Initiator->General page controls how the IncrediBuild Agent handles various project configuration issues:


Restart remote processes on local machine when possible

This option (enabled by default) helps prevent cases in which a job "waits" for a slow remote machine to complete execution of a task. If this scenario is reached when this mode is enabled, IncrediBuild executes this task on the local machine in parallel to the remote machine, and output from the first machine to complete the task is applied to the build.

  • When this mode is enabled, you may see two execution bars of the same target running at the same time; when one of the bars completes, the other bar disappears, signaling that the faster machine's output was applied to the build.

Avoid task execution on local machine when possible

When this option is enabled, tasks that may be remotely executed (C/C++ compilation, etc.) run only on remote machines, and the local machine is used exclusively for tasks that can only be executed locally (linking, for example).


  • When this option is disabled, local execution of distributable tasks is avoided if the local system's resource becomes very busy.
  • Enabling this option may increase performance in heavy builds. It will allow the local machine to concentrate on I/O, file transfer, and the like, and leave it more available for synchronization with remote computers. As this may not be the case for all builds, it is recommended to experiment to see if this holds for your particular build.

Enable standalone mode

Enables a mode in which the Agent uses only its local CPUs when it initiates builds. The Agent still participates in remote builds initiated by other Agents.

CPU Allocation

Controls the amount of logical cores on the Helper machines that are utilized in the builds. This option is initiated from the initiator machine and applies only to the Helper agents; it does not take effect on the initiator machine itself.

Build Completion Sound

Three options are available:

  • Don't play a sound - Build completion sound is disabled.
  • Sound a system beep - A system beep is sounded when a build completes.
  • Play Control Panel defined sounds - IncrediBuild uses user-specified sounds for each of the following events: successful build completion, build failure, and build cancel. To modify build sound settings, use the "Sounds and Audio Devices" Control Panel utility.