The Build History Window

The Build History Window

The Build History window lists previously run builds and allows you to view the Build Monitor contents (with build output text and distributed build status) for these builds. This feature is especially useful for monitoring batch build results. The window can be opened from the IncrediBuild tray icon menu or the IncrediBuild start menu.

The Main Display

The main Build History display shows a list of the previous builds, with the following (sortable) columns shown for each build:

Column Description
Success A colored rectangle indicating the success of the operation – green for success without warnings; white for execution canceled in the middle; yellow for warnings; and red for failure.
Build The name of the build and its status.
Start Time The date and hour that the build was started.
Duration The duration of the build.
Messages The total number of compiler or tool warnings and errors received throughout the build.
System Messages The total number of IncrediBuild system messages (warnings and errors) received during the build.
Auto Recovery The total number of events that IncrediBuild encountered and automatically recovered from during the build.
By default, this column is not displayed.
Logging Level The logging level used when building this project.
User The user and computer that started this build.
By default, this column is not displayed.
IncrediBuild Version

The IncrediBuild version and build number used to run this build.
By default, this column is not displayed.

Project Type The MSVC version used to build this project.
Solution Filename The full path to the solution file.

Double-clicking any of the builds in the list opens up a Build Monitor window showing the contents of that build.

Filtering the Build History List

Filters are an effective way of narrowing down the displayed list of builds to locate the relevant build. Filters are applied to the displayed build list immediately as they are modified. The following filters are available, both from the "View" menu and from the Build History application toolbar:

Filter Description
View The timespan for which to display builds.
Available values: Today, Last Week, Last 30 days, or All

Show builds having the selected status when the build terminated.
Available values: All, Completed, Failed, or Canceled

Search Show only builds with a specific search string in the build name.
IncrediBuild Version Allows filtering of builds run with a specific version of IncrediBuild.

Menu Commands

The following menu commands are available:

File Menu

Command Description
Show Build Opens a Build Monitor window showing the contents of the build (similar to double-clicking the list item).
Replay Build Opens a Build Monitor window showing the contents of the build, and replays the distributed build progress. When in this mode, pressing the spacebar advances the display 10 seconds forward.
Save Build As... Saves the selected build(s) to the file system.
Send Build to Mail Recipient Opens a new mail window with the selected build(s) as an attachment. The default recipient for this option is the IncrediBuild Support team.
Clear History Clears the Build History.
Exit Exits the Build History window.

View Menu

Command Description
Refresh Reloads the build list to include recent changes.
Refresh Automatically When enabled, the Build History display refreshes whenever a build operation completes.
Today / Last Week / Last 30 Days / All Sets the time range in which past builds will be displayed in the list. Note that the number of days IncrediBuild will store builds in history can be set separately, using the Agent Settings dialog.
Operations Defines which operations will be shown in the build list. Any combination of the three operation types (Build, Rebuild, and Clean) can be selected.
Columns Defines which of the list columns will be displayed.
Status Bar Toggles the display of the Build History window status bar.