Coordinator Administration and Care

Coordinator Administration and Care

The Coordinator component requires very little maintenance. As it is relatively lightweight in terms of processing, it does not take up too much of the machine's resources. The most common practice is to install it as an additional service on an existing server or workstation. You should make sure to install the Coordinator on a machine that is running and connected to the LAN during all activity hours.

Installing the Coordinator creates a System Service called "IncrediBuild Coordinator". Stopping this service shuts down Coordinator activity. While this stops all Agent assignment activity, it does not abort currently running builds. These continue running with their currently assigned remote Agents, while new builds run in standalone mode, with no distribution taking place.

To ensure the highest possible system availability, it is recommended to install a Backup Coordinator, which allows distributed builds even if the Coordinator becomes unavailable for a period of time.

Remote Administration

Agents assigned the "Allow remote administration" property can administer the Coordinator service remotely, allowing users to disable/enable Agents, change build groups, and perform other administrative actions. Other Agents, which are not assigned this functionality, can open the Coordinator Monitor in "View Only" mode, which only allows monitoring of the current grid.