The Coordinator Display

The Coordinator Monitor

The Coordinator Monitor shows the current status of the IncrediBuild environment.

The following information about each Agent is available for display. Note that you can select which columns are to be included in the display through the "View->Columns" menu option or by right-clicking the column title bar.

Agent Status

Column Description
Up Time Accumulated time since the IncrediBuild Agent service on that machine was last started (not displayed by default)
Agent The network name of the computer running the Agent. If a description was given for the computer in the Agent Settings dialog Network->Coordinator page or in the Computer Management application's Network Identification settings, it appears below the computer name.
Status The Agent's status. For a full list of possible status, see this page.
Icon An icon representing the Agent's current status and activity. 
Build Progress For Agents currently building, this column displays the build progress bar for that Agent's build.
Packages Displayed only after a license file has been activated, this column displays the extension packages that are used by each IncrediBuild Agent. For more information on extension packages, see the section on activating your license.
Work Power For Machines in "Building" status, this shows the total actual CPU power at their disposal, derived from the hardware and current availability of all machines participating as resources in the build. The number of Agents and CPUs participating in the build is shown below.
Last Connected Date and time the Agent was last connected to the Coordinator (not displayed by default).
Build Title The title of the current build (solution/project name in Visual Studio builds, or the title specified in the /CAPTION IBConsole command line).

Agent Settings

Column Description
File Cache The size, in Megabytes, of the file used by the Agent to cache remote files. Both the total size and portion currently in use are displayed. If an Agent's file cache is too small (excessive swapping out of files from the cache), a red note recommending to increase the swap file size appears in this column. You can then use the Agent menu File Cache->Resize command to increase that Agent's file cache size.
Logging Level The logging level currently enabled for the Agent. This value should be "Minimal" unless otherwise requested by the IncrediBuild Support team.
Description The Agent Description, as defined in the Agent Settings dialog Network->Coordinator page or in the Computer Management application's Network Identification settings. This value is also displayed in the bottom line of the "Agent" column. 
Remote Task Priority The process priority given by this Agent to processes serving a build started by another Agent.


Column Description
OS Version Operating System type and version used on the Agent machine (not displayed by default)
Virtual Memory Total and available virtual memory on the Agent machine (not displayed by default)\
Visual Studio Version All versions of MS Visual Studio installed on the Agent machine (not displayed by default) 
.NET Framework Version The .NET Framework version on the Agent machine (not displayed by default)
Multi-boot Shows other Agents that were recognized as running from another operating system installed on a different disk partition on the same computer. For more details about configuring IncrediBuild Agents on multi-boot machines, see this section.
Code Page The active code page on the Agent machine
Logged On Users Users (including domains) currently logged on to the Agent machine


Column Description
Physical Memory Total and available physical memory on the Agent machine (not displayed by default)
Disk Space Total and available disk space on the Agent machine (not displayed by default)
CPU Speed The computer's central processing unit speed, along with the current level of CPU availability (the latter decreases as the machine turns busier with other tasks).
Avail CPU The current level of CPU availability, shown as a percentage of the maximal CPU power (not displayed by default)
CPU Information A description of the computer's CPU hardware as detected by IncrediBuild
Performance Rating An internal calculation that evaluates the machine's expected performance, based on CPU power (evaluated using a benchmark that IncrediBuild runs upon startup of the Agent service), RAM performance, and the number of processors. The Coordinator considers this number in its assignment logic, and attempts to assign the strongest available Helper Agents to builds.
Power Status Indicates whether IncrediBuild is running on AC power, and the charge status of the battery.


Column Description
IP Address The TCP/IP Address and port being used by the Agent on that machine (not displayed by default)
Network Connection The network adapter name, description, and speed (in Mbps) of the selected Agent's currently active connection (not displayed by default)
Routing IP Address The IP Address used by the Coordinator to connect to the Agent (not displayed by default)
MAC Address The computer's network adapter's unique identifier

Administrative Settings

Column Description
Build Priority The priority that will be assigned to builds started by this Agent. Agents with a higher priority will be assigned more Agents in comparison to other Agents when starting builds.
Allow Disable Whether it is possible for the Agent to enter "Disabled" mode (not displayed by default)
Build Group The Build group this Agent belongs to.
Assignment Priority The priority given to this Agent by the Coordinator when considering which remote Agents to assign to a running build. Agents with a higher value will be assigned more often to builds.
Remote Admin Shows whether this Agent is authorized to remotely administer the Coordinator service.

For extended agent statuses, refer to IncrediBuild Agent Statuses.