Coordinator Menu Commands

Coordinator Menu Commands

The following operations are available through the Coordinator Monitor's menus. When the Coordinator Monitor is run from a machine running an IncrediBuild Agent that isn't running the Coordinator service, some commands are disabled.

File Menu

Command Description
Start Local Service Starts the IncrediBuild Coordinator service.
Stop Local Service Stops the IncrediBuild Coordinator service.
Automatic Version Update Sends a version update to all connected Agents with an out-of-date version.
Version Rollback... Rolls back the Coordinator and all connected Agents to a previous IncrediBuild version. For more information on running a version rollback process, click here.
Copy to Clipboard Copies the currently displayed list to the clipboard as tab-delimited text content.
Export... Saves the currently displayed list to a tab-delimited text file.
Test Network Connectivity Opens the Network Connectivity Test window, which can help locate Agents with weak network performance.
Exit Exits the application.

Agent Menu

Command Description
Select All Selects all Agents in the list, so that actions will be applied to all of them.
Enable as Helper Enables the selected Agent(s) as Helper(s).
Disable as Helper Disables the selected Agent(s) as Helper(s).
Subscribe Subscribes the Agent to this Coordinator.
Unsubscribe Unsubscribes the Agent to this Coordinator.
Allocate Package Allocates any of the registered IncrediBuild extension packages to the selected Agent(s).
Deallocate Package Deallocates any of the IncrediBuild extension packages currently allocated to the selected Agent(s) from this Agent.
Configure Packages... Opens the Package Configuration tool window, which allows control over extension package allocations.
Description... Sets a description line that will appear beneath the Agent name, to help identify this Agent.
Build Priority... Sets the priority that will be assigned to builds started by the Agent. The higher their priority, the more resources Agents will receive when initiating distributed builds in environments with limited resources. For example, take a 20-Agent environment. If two Agents, one with "Normal" Build Priority and the other with "Above Normal" both start a build, the "Above normal" Agent will receive twice as much computing power as the other Agent. Assuming all Agents have the same hardware and availability, this means that the higher priority Agent will be employing 12 remote Agents and the other Agent only six.
Build Group... Configures the build group that this Agent belongs to.
Logging level Sets the logging level currently enabled for the Agent. This value should be set to "Minimal" unless otherwise requested by the IncrediBuild Support team.
Assignment Priority... Sets the priority that the Coordinator gives to this Agent when considering which remote Agents to assign to a running build. Agents with a higher value will be assigned more often to builds.
Remote Task Priority... Sets the process priority this Agent will assign to task processes serving builds started by other Agents.
Configure Multi-Boot... Allows IncrediBuild to be installed on dual-boot and multi-boot computers without utilizing a single license package. For more details on configuring IncrediBuild on multi-boot machines, see this page.
File Cache->Resize... Allows setting a new size for the selected Agent(s)' file caches.
File Cache->Clear Resize Recommendation If an "Increase file cache size" recommendation still appears for the selected Agent(s) after resizing the file cache, select this option to hide the recommendation.
File Cache->Clear Contents Clears the selected Agent(s)' file cache contents.
Allow Disable as Helper Controls the Agent's ability to enter "Disabled" mode. Agents with this option set to "No" always remain in the "Enabled" state.
Allow Remote Administration When enabled, the Agent is able to perform certain administrative operations on the Coordinator service such as disabling and enabling Agents.
Update Version Queues an IncrediBuild Agent for a version update. Once the version update starts, the Agent's IncrediBuild version is updated to the Coordinator machine's IncrediBuild version. This option is only available for Agents with incompatible versions.
Cancel Version Update If an Agent has been queued for a version update, this option cancels the version update and keeps the Agent running with its current IncrediBuild version.
Send Message... Allows sending a text message to the selected Agent(s). The message will appear as a pop-up box on the Agent machine's screen. Note that for an Agent to accept a message from the Coordinator Monitor, a user must be logged in and the IncrediBuild tray-icon display must be running.
Set Registry Value... Enables setting or editing registry values of selected Agent(s) on the Coordinator. This is done by selecting Agent(s), and then from the Agent menu or right-click menu, selecting Set Registry Value.... This feature is useful, if for example, Support or a workaround requires changes to registry values. In this case, you can set or modify the registry values for all machines from the Coordinator, instead of on each individual machine.
Configure Windows Firewall If the selected Agent(s) is running Windows Firewall, this option opens communication ports required for that Agent's operation.

View Menu

Command Description
Columns Lists all available Agent data columns, and allows you to control which columns are displayed/hidden, by selecting/deselecting the column names.
Update Speed Controls the refresh rate of Agent data in the display.
Always On Top When selected, the Coordinator window is always the topmost displayed application.
Build Time Statistics Displays a summary of time spent building on Agent machines since IncrediBuild was installed. Use this display to estimate how much time was saved using IncrediBuild. Build Time Statistics can be displayed either for builds run with IncrediBuild, or for builds run using MSVC's standard build operation. Note that with the latter, only builds that were spawned from the MSVC IDE will be taken into account.
Status Report Opens a window showing IncrediBuild environment summary statistics.
Settings... Opens the Coordinator Settings dialog.