IncrediBuild Coordinator Overview

IncrediBuild Coordinator Overview


The Coordinator is a key component in IncrediBuild's architecture. It is responsible for assigning Agents as computing resources to currently running distributed processes, based on knowledge of Agents' hardware specifications, current availability, and other parameters. When several builds are running at once, the currently available computing power is distributed evenly among the building Agents. The Coordinator Monitor also allows for central monitoring and administration of Agents in the system.

The Coordinator is implemented as a Windows Service. The service starts automatically whenever the computer is switched on, regardless of whether a user has logged in.

Backup Coordinator

As the Coordinator is an essential component in IncrediBuild's architecture, a special "Backup Coordinator" feature was designed to ensure maximal availability. Backup Coordinators ensure that distributed builds are available even if the Coordinator becomes unavailable for a period of time. For additional details, see  this section.

Using Build Groups

Build groups allow independent groups of users to use IncrediBuild, with a single Coordinator serving all groups. Each group functions independently of the others, with distributed builds utilizing only Agents belonging to the same group as the initiating Agent.

You can perform the following procedure to define a build group or configure an Agent to be part of an existing group.

To define a build group or associate Agent(s) with an existing group:

  1. In the Coordinator Monitor, select a group of Agents, and in the Agent menu, select Build Group... .
    The Build Group dialog box appears.

  2. Type a name for the new build group, or select an existing group from the drop-down menu, and then click OK.
    The selected Agents now belong to the selected build group.