Coordinator Settings Dialog Coordinator->General Page

Coordinator Settings Dialog – Coordinator->General Page

The Coordinator->General page contains commonly-used Coordinator-related settings:

Network Settings

Coordinator Service Port

The Coordinator uses a single TCP/IP port to communicate with Agents in the IncrediBuild environment. Modify this value if you believe the port is also being used by another application or service, or if setting another port is necessary for security reasons. Note that after modifying this setting, the Coordinator port settings must be changed for each of the IncrediBuild Agents in order for them to communicate with the Coordinator.

Agent Subscription

Automatically subscribe new Agents

Determines whether new Agents that attempt to connect to the Coordinator will automatically be subscribed to the Coordinator (license restrictions permitting). If, for security reasons, you prefer to disable this option, Agents will appear as "Unsubscribed" in the Coordinator Monitor and will not be able to initiate distributed builds or participate in builds until they are manually subscribed.
Clicking the Reset button clears all records of Agents that were manually unsubscribed in the past. This allows such Agents to be automatically subscribed (if this feature is enabled) when attempting to connect to the Coordinator.

Version Update

Update version of all subscribed Agents automatically

When this checkbox is selected, automatically upgrades/downgrades all subscribed Agents to the same IncrediBuild version installed on the machine running the Coordinator service.

Update version of newly subscribed Agents (when necessary)

When this checkbox is selected, Agents that get auto-subscribed (see the "Automatically subscribe new Agents" option on this page) are also updated to the IncrediBuild version being run on the Coordinator machine, if they are running an older version at the time that they are automatically subscribed to the Coordinator (this option is automatically selected when the "Update version of all subscribed Agents automatically" option is selected).