Integrating IncrediBuild With Visual Studio Express 2010 and later

Integrating IncrediBuild with Visual Studio Express 2010 and later

The integration of IncrediBuild with Visual Studio Express is slightly different than its integration with the regular Visual Studio development environment. The reason for this difference is that Visual Studio Express lacks support for add-ins and as a result, the regular IncrediBuild menu cannot be used from within the Visual Studio Express toolbar. However, IncrediBuild can be used to accelerate VS Express builds by manually configuring Visual Studio Express External Tools.

Integrating IncrediBuild Operations into Visual Studio Express External Tools

When IncrediBuild is used with the regular Visual Studio, it uses the Devenv.exe by default. As Visual Studio Express does not use Devenv.exe, IncrediBuild must use the MsBuild.exe instead.

To integrate IncrediBuild operations into VS Express external tools:

  1. On the coordinator machine, right-click the IncrediBuild tray icon, and in the menu that appears, click Coordinator Monitor.
  2. In the table of Agents, mark the Initiator machine (if you have several Initiator machines, use the Ctrl key to mark all the Initiator machines), right-click, and in the menu that appears, click Set Registry Value.
  3. In the Set Registry Value dialog box that appears, make sure that Value Category is set to: Builder.
  4. Under Name, type: UseMsBuild.
  5. Under Data, type: 1.

The next step is to create a new External Tool that will run IncrediBuild according to the External Tool settings.

To create a new External Tool to run IncrediBuild according to the External Tool settings:

  1. In the Visual Studio Express menu, select Tools -> External Tools...
  2. In the External Tools dialog box that appears, click the Add button.
    A new tool configuration is created.

  3. In Title, type IncrediBuild.
  4. In Command, browse to input the full path to BuildFile.exe. This file is located under IncrediBuild installation directory. Example: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Xoreax\IncrediBuild\BuildFile.exe”.
  5. In Arguments, type: $(SolutionFileName). This ensures that the current solution is built when you activate this "External Tool".
  6. In Initial directory, type the actual solution directory by using the macro: $(SolutionDir).
  7. Click the OK or Apply button.
  8. Activate the IncrediBuild "build menu", by loading the desired solution and selecting Tools -> IncrediBuild.

    The Batch Build dialog box opens:

  9. Under Project Configurations, select one or more project/configuration combinations by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the configuration names. Then, click any of the action buttons (Build, Rebuild, or Clean) to perform the operation on all of the selected configurations. In case you wish to perform a regular build, just choose one configuration. A detailed reference of the Batch Build dialog box options is available here.


Cleaning the current project's intermediate and output files

IncrediBuild provides its own Clean operation, which also cleans intermediate files created by IncrediBuild during builds. It is generally recommended to use this operation instead of MSVC's Clean operation. As described above, this operation can be done by simply clicking the "Clean" button while choosing the relevant configurations.

Stopping a build in progress

IncrediBuild's operation can be halted at any time during the build by right-clicking the IncrediBuild tray icon, and in the menu that appears, clicking Stop Build. This operation also stops a currently running MSVC build.

Reviewing build results

You can display the Build Monitor for the currently running build, using the /openmonitor switch in your Argument command line or by double-clicking the IncrediBuild tray icon.

Modifying IncrediBuild Agent settings

The IncrediBuild Agent Settings dialog box can be accessed by right-clicking the IncrediBuild tray icon, and clicking the Agent Settings... menu command.