Building Multiple Configurations at Once (Batch Build)

Building Multiple Configurations at Once (Batch Build)

The Batch Build dialog allows Build, Rebuild, and Clean operations to be carried out on one or more configurations in a Visual Studio project, solution, or workspace. It also allows a combination of projects, configurations, and platforms to be stored as a Preset for easy future access, both from the Batch Build dialog and from BuildConsole builds. The dialog can be started from both the tray-icon menu and the "IncrediBuild" menu in Visual Studio.

Selecting Solution and Project Configurations

Selection of the target projects and configurations is done using two lists: the "Solution Configurations" list and the "Project Configurations" list. Selecting an item in the Solution Configurations list  populates the Project Configurations list with the project configurations available for the selected solution configuration. You can then select the checkboxes of the required project configurations in the Project Configurations list


Performing Build/Rebuild/Clean Operations

To perform an operation:

Using Presets

You can store a combination of solution/project configurations for easy future access.

To store a combination of solution/project configurations:

  1. Click the Save Preset button.
  2. Name the saved preset.
    This name appears in the "Preset" combo box whenever the Batch Build is opened for this project.
    You can also reference this preset from BuildConsole using the "/preset" command line option.

Solution Settings... Button

Clicking this button opens the Solution Settings dialog for this project.


Create browse information – Sets browse information options for this build. The checkbox for this setting has three states:

Build all regardless of errors – Continues building remaining project configurations regardless of specific projects failing to build.

Don't build/clean project dependencies – Cause the operation to apply only to the specified project configurations, ignoring any sub-projects these configurations may have.