Using IncrediBuild for Visual Studio 2008 and Earlier

Using IncrediBuild for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET/2005/2008

IncrediBuild is fully integrated into the Visual Studio development environment. Builds can be run, stopped, and reviewed using the IncrediBuild menu and toolbar commands, as well as their equivalent keyboard shortcuts. By default, IncrediBuild only distributes execution of C/C++ compilation tasks and MIDL tasks. To learn about distributing custom build steps, custom build rules, and build events, see this section.

IncrediBuild Operations

The following is a description of operations available from within the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET/2005/2008/ IDE:

Building the current project

To start building a project:

  1. Make sure that the target project is selected in the Project Explorer and that the desired configuration is selected.
  2. Open the "IncrediBuild" menu and choose either Build Solution or Build Project to build the current project incrementally (similarly, choose Rebuild Project to clean all intermediate and output files and then build the project).
    The Build Monitor opens, displaying the build's output and progress.


Cleaning the current project's intermediate and output files

IncrediBuild provides its own Clean operation, which also cleans intermediate files created by IncrediBuild during builds. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use this instead of MSVC's Clean operation.

To clean the current project's intermediate and output files:


Stopping a build in progress

IncrediBuild's operation can be halted at any time during the build by selecting Stop Build from the IncrediBuild menu. This operation also stops a currently running MSVC build.

Batch operations

All of the above operations can be performed on a group of projects or on several solution configurations in a single operation.

To perform a batch operation:

  1. Select Batch Build... from the IncrediBuild menu.
    The Batch Build dialog opens:

  2. Select one or more project/configuration combinations by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the configuration names.
  3. Click any of the action buttons (Build, Rebuild, or Clean) to perform the operation on all of the selected configurations. A detailed reference of the Batch Build dialog's options is available here.

Reviewing build results

To display the Build Monitor for the currently running build or for the last build executed by IncrediBuild, choose Open Build Monitor from the IncrediBuild menu.

Modifying IncrediBuild Agent settings

The IncrediBuild Agent Settings dialog can be accessed using the Settings... menu command.

Toolbar and Keyboard Shortcuts

IncrediBuild operations can also be activated from the IncrediBuild toolbar. You can change the commands displayed in the IncrediBuild toolbar or add keyboard shortcuts for IncrediBuild commands, using the IDE's Customize command. For more details on customizing IncrediBuild's IDE integration, click here.