Activating Your License

Activating Your License

Step 2 - Subscribing the Agents that will Compose your IncrediBuild Environment

IncrediBuild incorporates a subscription mechanism to define which Agents can connect to the Coordinator. Agents that can connect to a Coordinator are considered Subscribed to that Coordinator, while Agents that cannot are Unsubscribed.

In registered environments, a license file defines the highest possible number of Agents that can be subscribed to the Coordinator at any given time. In order for an Agent to be able to initiate and participate in distributed executions, it must first be subscribed to the Coordinator.

If the Automatically subscribe new agents Coordinator option has not been disabled, Agents should automatically become subscribed once connected to the Coordinator (up to the maximum number of subscribed Agents defined in the license file).

To manually subscribe and unsubscribe Agents:

Once Agents in your environment have been properly subscribed, proceed to Step 3 - Allocating Extension Packages to Subscribed Agents.