Activating Your License

Activating Your License

Step 3 Allocating Extension Packages to Subscribed Agents

IncrediBuild Extension packages add additional functionality to specific Agents. For example, The "Visual Studio C/C++" extension package allows initiation of distributed MS Visual Studio C/C++ builds. The "8 cores" package allows utilization of up to eight cores on machines with compatible hardware, while the "Dev Tool Acceleration" package enables general-purpose distribution using the IncrediBuild Grid.

In order for an Agent to be able to use a registered extension package's functionality, the package must first be allocated to that Agent. When possible, the Coordinator will automatically allocate available packages to all subscribed Agents, saving you the stage of manually allocating the package to specific Agents.

Allocating Extension Packages

To manually allocate or deallocate registered packages, select one or more Agents from the Agent list in the Coordinator application and use the "Allocate Package" and "Deallocate Package" options in either the Agent menu or right-click menu.

An alternate method of allocating and deallocating extension packages is to use the Package Configuration tool. The Package Configuration tool window can be opened using the "Agent->Configure packages..." Agent menu option:

The window lists all available extension packages. Selecting one or more Agents from the main Coordinator Agent list updates the Package Configuration tool display and allows modification of all selected Agents by clicking the allocated/deallocated checkbox.

Once all registered extension packages have been properly allocated, your IncrediBuild environment is installed and ready for operation.