Solution Settings Dialog General Page

Solution Settings Dialog - General Page

This page controls various project-level options that will only affect IncrediBuild builds:

Project Options

Build as an external project

Projects with this option selected are not built in distributed mode, but are instead built as a whole by spawning a Visual Studio command line build process.

Link Options

Ignore "Do not create libraries" option (IncrediLink)

Static library projects with this option selected always run the link step and create the .lib output file, regardless of whether the "Do not create libraries" option is currently enabled.
This option only applies when IncrediLink is enabled.

Link library dependencies (IncrediLink)

For Visual Studio .NET (2002/2003) projects, this option can be used to specify whether output files from static library dependencies (sub-projects) will be linked into this project or not. For VS2005/2008/2010 projects, the "Link library dependencies" linker option (properties dialog) can be used to achieve the same result.
This option only applies when IncrediLink is enabled.

Ignore dependencies in Linker "Additional Options" section

When this option is selected, modifications to files specified in the "Additional Options" field in the "Linker|Command line" properties page do not cause the project to re-link in incremental builds.

Build Priority

Project Build Priority

Project priorities are used to indicate which projects should be built before or after other projects in a solution or workspace. IncrediBuild considers these indications when determining the order in which files and projects are built.

IncrediBuild attempts to build files from "High" priority projects before "Normal" and "Low" priority projects, and files from "Normal" priority projects before "Low" priority projects. Dependency information still has precedence over project priorities, so a "High" priority file that depends on "Low" priority files is still built after its dependencies.

  • IncrediBuild only considers project priorities when the Optimize project build order option is enabled.

Xbox Deployment Options

Remote machine(s)

The Remote machine(s) option can be used to specify IP addresses of bXbox/Xbox 360 machines that will be used in the deployment phase. Multiple semicolon-separated values may be entered.