xgWait Command

xgWait Command (xgWait.exe)

If you need to wait for processing of one portion of the script to complete before processing the next, you should insert an xgWait command. When an xgWait command is encountered, IncrediBuild does not proceed before receiving confirmation that the previous statement or group of statements have completed.

The xgWait.exe tool can be used to pause execution until all tasks with a given group identifier have completed. This allows creating dependencies between different execution parts in the script.



xgWait /group=<group[,group2,group3,...]> [/exitcode=<#|highest|lowest>] [/silent] [/all]

Command Line Options

Option Function Notes
/group The identifiers of the Groups to wait for.
(To wait for all Groups, use /all instead of /group.)
/exitcode Specifies the Exit code that xgWait.exe is to return once all tasks have completed. Specify "highest" or "lowest" in order to return the highest or lowest exit code of all codes returned by the task processes, or specify a fixed numeric value.
/silent To prevent xgWait.exe from writing to the standard output. .
/all To wait until all tasks in all Groups have completed. xgWait.exe /all is implicitly called at the end of the script/application's execution, in order to allow all tasks submitted with xgSubmit.exe to complete before returning control to the initiating Agent.