IncrediBuild for C#

Not only C/C++ and Visual Studio – Now there is a simple and speedy way to also accelerate complex C# code builds.

IncrediBuild speeds large C# build time for Visual Studio 2010 and higher up to 10x times faster by transforming every developer’s workstation or build server into a super computer consisting of as many idle CPUs you currently have in your entire network. The great benefit can come to those who have multiple projects (dozens) and especially with loosely coupled dependencies. If your build time is higher than a few minutes IncrediBuild can definitely help you.  

Instead of working on your 4 or 8 core machine IncrediBuild transforms your workstation into a virtual 200 cores machine.  IncrediBuild will execute your C# compilation tasks in parallel according to the dependency rules your solution enforce. As an example if you have 100 independent C# projects it might show up to x25 times faster compilation.



Fully integrated with the Visual Studio environment it requires no changes to project settingsno dedicated hardware and no maintenance efforts!