6 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better C++ Dev

Joseph SibonyJoseph Sibony
Published On:
August 11, 2022
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C++ is kind of like season six of Lost – just when you think you’ve got to grips with it, another new surprise comes around the corner to shake everything up.

C++ devs soon realize that there’s always something you don’t know, that you could do better, or that you could approach differently — from new features to more secure coding practices

Luckily, there are a host of excellent C++ podcasts streaming right now to help you stay up to date with the latest developments.

And we’ve compiled a list of six of our favorites to help you get started. 


The hosts: Jon Kalb is an independent C++ trainer and well known for running CppCon and C++ Now. Phil Nash needs no introduction for most people in the C++ community, but just in case, he’s a Developer Advocate for C++ at SonarSource, runs C++ on Sea, and is one of the brains behind the C++ London user group. 

The concept: Over the course of an hour or so, Jon and Phil catch up with coders from across the C++ community to find out “what they’re doing, what interests them, and what’s going on in the world of C++.” 

Streaming schedule: In theory episodes stream once a fortnight, but the schedule can be pretty varied. At the time of writing, the last episode streamed in February 2022. 

Why we love it: The hosts have sourced a wide variety of guests from fascinating backgrounds, all with their own stories and ways of using C++. If you’re looking for ways to improve your cpp code quality, there’ll definitely be something for you here. 

Our favorite episode: Did You Really Learn from All the C++ Mistakes?


The hosts: “Microsoft fanboy” Rob Irving is a Senior Software Engineer for PAR Government, where he works on cross-platform mobile applications. Jason Turner is an award-winning C++ keynote speaker, trainer, and author.

The concept: CppCast styles itself as the first podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers. Joined by an impressive roster of guests — from Ubsioft’s Stephanie Brenham to Microsoft’s Sy Brand — they break down everything from recent C++ news to tips and tricks from experts and new C++ features. 

Streaming schedule: New episodes every Friday 

Why we love it: Rob and Jason know the industry inside out and are excellent at teasing out insights and stories from their guests. But we’re really here for the dynamic between the two hosts; they make even the most intensely technical episodes feel like a casual chat between friends. 

Our favorite episode: Episode 56, Conan with Diego Rodriguez-Losada (especially the tips on C++ dependency management)

Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs

The hosts: Bryce Adelstein Lelbach knows programming inside out, back to front, and upside-down. He’s spent nearly a decade developing programming languages and software libraries, is an officer of the Standard C++ Committee, chairs the C++ Library Design group, and is Program Chair for C++ Now and CppCon. We could go on listing his qualifications, but we’ve run out of space here. 

Conor Hoekstra is one of the most prolific programming content creators out there; he’s a Senior Library Software Engineer at NVIDIA and the founder and organizer of the Programming Languages Virtual Meetup, runs his own YouTube channel, and hosts three podcasts altogether. He’s also the Program Chair for the CppNorth conference. 

The concept: ADSP is more of a general programming podcast, but they cover C++ in plenty of episodes. We’ve loved hearing them tackle everything from advice for beginners to advanced topics for experienced cpp devs.

Streaming schedule: New episodes every Friday 

Why we love it: Bryce and Conor are incredibly passionate about programming, and that passion makes every episode a delightful journey through expert advice, amusing tangents, and tales from the industry. 

Our favorite episode: C++ Algorithm Family Feud!

No Diagnostic Required 

The hosts: Anastasia Kazakova is a PMM for CLion and ReSharper, .NET marketing team lead at JetBrains, and self-proclaimed C/C++ superfan. She co-hosts the show with Phil Nash — we’ve already introduced him and his impressive CV above. 

The concept: No Diagnostic Required is the companion podcast to CLion’s blog, C++ Annotated. Every month, they dive into news from the world of C++ and round up blogs and articles that have caught the hosts’ attention. You can also watch the podcast in video form on YouTube.

Streaming schedule: New episodes monthly 

Why we love it: Keeping up with every new blog, article, video, release, and update in the C++ community sometimes feels like trying to trim your lawn with nail scissors. No Diagnostic Required is excellent at distilling all of the insights you need to know into one hour-long chunk. 

Our favorite episode: Episode 12 — November 2021


The host: Adam Gordon Bell is a software developer who works in developer relations over at Earthly. He’s a prolific speaker and a frequent guest on programming podcasts, so you’ve probably heard him discussing the life of a software developer, offering career advice, or sharing tidbits on his favorite programming languages. 

The concept: CoRecursive dives into the stories behind the software, inviting devs to talk about the stories behind their code and give insights into their careers in the field. 

Streaming schedule: New episodes monthly 

Why we love it: Every episode, we get to hear the fascinating story behind the software that we use every day. There are some C++ insights in there, but also plenty of excellent advice and inspiring stories of software development success

Our favorite episode: The Internet is Made of Duct Tape 

Two’s Complement 

The hosts: Matt Godbolt has over 20 years’ experience as a programmer, and has worked on everything from 8-bit computers to next-gen games consoles. Ben Rady is something of a continuous testing guru, as he’s the creator of Infinitest, a continuous test runner for JUnit; is the author of two books on CT; and often shares his wisdom at conferences and user groups. 

The concept: Like pretty much everyone else on Earth, Matt and Ben started their podcast during the pandemic. Unlike pretty much everyone else, their podcast has gone the distance. Together, Matt and Ben break down a huge range of programming topics — including the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of coding in C++. 

Streaming schedule: New episodes monthly 

Why we love it: Matt and Ben are two highly experienced coders with completely different working days — which means they always have a fresh perspective to bring to the table on any topic. 

Ready for some mind-expanding podcasts?

We’ve barely scratched the surface of the C++ content that’s out there, but if you’re not sure where to start expanding your expertise, these podcasts are a good place to start.

So, next time your code’s compiling for hours (assuming you haven’t found a dev accelerator that can turn those hours into minutes yet), just settle in, hit play, and start learning.