An Incredibly New Incredibuild – A Look into Our Rebranding Process

Tami Mazel Shachar
Tami Mazel Shachar reading time: 4 minutes
October 6, 2020

When you look at the new Incredibuild website, you see a new logo, fresh colors, and additional pages.

But when I look at it, I see the new company that stemmed from a fantastic decade-long legacy. And I feel privileged to be a part of this metamorphosis.

I wanted to share a bit about our rebranding journey and the exciting things we discovered about our incredible product.

The Incredibuild Story

The story of Incredibuild starts over 15 years ago, at a time when an average build was an overnight thing.

Our two forefathers, Uri Mishol and Uri Shaham (or the two Uri’s), were two hard-working C++ developers. Their biggest dream was to fast-forward the code-compilation portion of their lives.

They created a SETI-inspired technology, breaking all barriers of the single working station, and managed to find a way to harvest the compute-power of other computer’s CPUs. It made the process up to 90% faster.

That’s not just fast; that’s TURBO fast.

150K users and 2K+ companies later: Here we are—an accelerator of choice that produces more success stories than we can list. We expanded to new markets, released a Linux solution, burst to the cloud, integrated with more IDEs, built systems, and tools, and still managed to be the industry’s best-kept secret.

Though we became a staple in every R&D department, I still sometimes meet developers who don’t even know they have us installed on their machines.

“It just runs fast…”

Yes, it does. And we just ran with it – quietly.

The Real Builders Behind Incredibuild

The biggest secret about Incredibuild’s success is that we didn’t build the product alone.

Granted, we have a super talented team of product and dev professionals­—the best in the field, in my opinion—who work feverously to tweak and improve everything. But the real builders behind Incredibuild are our customers.

We developed an engine – you developed the product.

For over a decade, we’ve watched, awestruck, you using Incredibuild to accelerate processes we never imagined possible. In a way, I can say that you are the company’s primary accelerator. We also learned that speed is not the real value Incredibuild we bring but rather the enablement. You can now deliver better products in shorter time-to-market windows and ramp up your competitive edge.

So, the company that started as a C++ compile accelerator is now so much more than just that. We decided it’s time for the brand to keep pace with the technology. Or, in other words, get the ‘turbocharge’ it deserves.

That’s how our new tagline was born.

Supercharge Development

When you get a call from one of the AAA game studios’ DevOps manager, updating you that they managed to run a project build in less than 18 minutes – you realize it’s not just fast anymore.

It’s turbocharged.

Turbocharge is a term that resonates with a new generation of developers, specifically game developers. After all, Incredibuild was born and raised in the gaming space. It was only natural that our messaging takes after its first and primary audience.

Our new brand is a tribute to this magnificent industry and its artisans. It’s a promise to keep facilitating the games that influence and inspire the world, while also bringing value to other sectors such as finance, automotive, manufacturing, MedTech, security, and embedded-based software companies.

A Logo Is Born

Our new logo encapsulates an onward movement. It’s a momentum, a driving force. Looking closely, I see a person in mid-run, a bird in flight. It exudes motion, advancement, yet it stands firm as one.

One unified force.

The color green symbolizes tranquility. You’re turbocharged yet, still protected. We’ve got you covered. “Stay calm and accelerate your build.” Green also means 100% charged, which is the only mode we value.

Incredibuild’s new shape represents our DNA. It’s that sweet spot between speed, performance, and security that can only be achieved by the cohort. It’s about the power of unity; the strength of the team combined into one omnipotent supercomputer.

By working together with the gifted designers and brand specialists at Oi!, we managed to distill the essence of Incredibuild’s mission and values to create an on-point brand and intuitive website. We couldn’t have done it without you, guys!

Rebranding in Corona Time

Rebranding during a pandemic is a statement: No virus will ever paralyze the software industry.

We felt we must prove to dev teams worldwide that #WFH is not a misfortune but rather an opportunity. DevOps and release managers had orchestrated global teams long before COVID was a thing. The virus simply accelerated the process.

That is why we decided to focus on two major tasks:

  1. Enhance our cloud solution and cater to companies in scale during challenging times
  2. Launch a new website that provides knowledge, aid, and joy

The new branding is also part of our expansion to new markets. We are excited to offer our product and services to the fearless workers of MedTech, manufacturing, security, finance, IoT, and embedded-based software companies. These people devote their days (and nights) to fighting the virus and curing the world.


We do miss meeting our customers face to face. But I believe that global technological advancements bring us closer to meeting in person again and back to handshakes at meeting rooms and drinks at tradeshows.

Looking to the Future

Looking back at our origins story, I view the future as a direct outgrowth of what we established. The customers we onboarded over the years are not just a growth engine; you are the real builders of Incredibuild. We intend to ask, listen, understand needs, involve you in our roadmap, and help you shape the accelerator we know your teams deserve.

Our five values are simple, all-embracing, and easy to follow. They brought us this far, and they will take us forward.

Tami Mazel Shachar
Tami Mazel Shachar reading time: 4 minutes minutes October 6, 2020
October 6, 2020

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