Introducing Incredibuild for Mac

Joseph Sibony
Joseph Sibony reading time: 2 minutes
May 23, 2024

Mac developers have always had a somewhat hard time finding tools that work well with what they need – Mac is, after all, a pretty walled garden. Even so, developers still have the same needs as non-Mac creators, and this is sometimes a downside to building apps for iOS and MacOS, and even porting apps from Windows.  

Today, we’re excited to announce that when it comes to builds, Mac developers (and Windows developers porting their apps to Mac and iOS) no longer have to spend hours waiting for builds to finish! Incredibuild officially supports development on Mac and iOS, and we’re bringing faster builds and cost optimization with us. What does this mean for you?  

Incredibuild supports you – in your native dev environment  

One important part of Mac development is that you need to build things in the same dev environment you’ll be publishing your apps. This makes sense – you need to ensure that the products you build are going to work in the ecosystem they’ll be functioning in. This has been a challenge though.  

There are countless tools available for Windows and Linux developers, and even Incredibuild has been accelerating builds on these ecosystems 3x –4x (and in some cases much more) for years, but Mac devs have been left on the sidelines for years. That didn’t seem fair to us, so we decided it was time for a change.  

With Incredibuild, you can use the tools you’re already developing with and stop worrying about adding tools to your chain that will impact your workflows. Today, we already support:  

  • OS:  
  • MacOS 13.x 
  • Mac 14.x 
  • Languages:  
  • C  
  • C++ development  
  • Build systems:  
  • Xcode 14.x 
  • Xcode 15.x 
  • Build management tools: 
  • Cmake 
  • Xcode Native  
  • Compilers 
  • Clang (Apple) 
  • Clang ++  
  • GCC, G++/GNU 
  • Unreal Engine  
  • Unreal Engine 5.x  

Who can use Incredibuild for Mac?  

If you’re already developing applications for macOS or iOS, you’ll be able to use Incredibuild to start accelerating your builds today. If you’re building C or C++ applications, you can use Incredibuild to cut your build times (at the moment, we don’t offer Swift acceleration, but we’re working on it!).  

Porting your projects to Mac? Incredibuild supports you too! 

But that’s not all. Let’s say you’re working on an application for Windows, Linux, or even Android, and you want to make the leap to iOS or macOS. You’ll need to complete your builds on Mac devices to ensure they meet the requirements for acceptance into the app store. Fortunately, Incredibuild can also help you accelerate your builds to ensure you don’t waste any precious time and can be on your way to the app store in no time.  

Accelerate your builds on Mac now!  

You can already sign up to start using Incredibuild for Mac today! Our advanced caching and distribution tools can shorten your build times, accelerate your release schedules, and help you optimize your cloud and on-prem hardware costs without changing your tools, processes, or code.  

What are you waiting for? Get started today!  

Joseph Sibony
Joseph Sibony reading time: 2 minutes minutes May 23, 2024
May 23, 2024

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