The Top Lecturers at ETC 2022

Joseph Sibony
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May 31, 2022

The embedded tech scene is massive these days, and it’s only getting bigger. With embedded systems becoming a daily part of our lives – from smart devices to IoT technology to our cars – the industry has become a convergence point for a wide range of technologies, software, and innovation.  

Embedded Tech Convention (ETC) 2022 in Las Vegas promises to be a great opportunity for the community to gather, check out some cool new tech, and listen to an impressive list of speakers talk about everything from security in embedded tech, the challenges of hardware and software, and the amazing things that are coming to the industry. We’re going to ETC this year, and we’re super excited to hear all the talks! With only so many hours in the day though, you might have to choose between one excellent talk or another. So, what can you do? Check out a (completely not exhaustive) list of some of the lectures we’re intrigued by! 

Noelle Silver on how tech can drive better inclusion  

One of the more pressing and hot-button topics in the tech world (and most industries) is how to drive greater inclusion and accessibility. We’re excited to hear Noelle – who works hard to empower women and people of color to use technology to achieve business success – discuss the role AI and machine learning can play in solving problems that affect not just marginalized groups, but everyone. It’ll be an intriguing talk by an executive who has years of experience in advocating and championing the ethical use of AI.  

Yohai West on how we can use dev acceleration empower devs to create better products  

Okay, we’ll admit, we’re a little biased on this one. But don’t sleep on this great talk by our very own Yohai West, which dives into an issue that’s high in every developer’s mind – time, or a lack thereof. With consumers’ attention spans shorter than ever and competition higher than before, speed and time to market are critical. However, this puts greater strain on developers who are often constrained by factors outside their control – such as long build times. Listen to Yohai talk about how some major organizations are already cutting down their dev cycles without compromising on quality.  

Johnny Williams on the convergence of audio hardware and software in everyday life 

The future is here, and we’re turning our normal, everyday devices and things into smarter, better tools. Our refrigerators can talk to us, we can give our TV voice instructions, and we can control our entire homes with voice commands. Listen to Johnny talk about advances and innovations in audio, and how they’re improving our ability use two-way communication in everything from helmets to med-tech, and how we’re improving the ability to revolutionize the “Audio of Things”  

Matthew Burns on how we’re improving embedded connectivity even as we get smaller 

Embedded computing platforms keep getting smaller, denser, and faster, but this creates new challenges for chip makers and embedded designers alike. Check out Matthew’s talk and explore the challenges embedded designers are facing when it comes to improving the connectivity of embedded devices even as we race to improve performance and speed. More importantly, listen to some of the very practical solutions that already exist to solve these key roadblocks to innovation.  

Rob Oshana on the growing influence of software in semiconductors  

It’s hard to think of the software industry existing without semiconductors – chips have always been a part of computers, after all. But in the past, software was constrained by hardware. That paradigm has been shifting as the things we can do – and want to do – with software become more complex. Watch Rob discuss the software that is driving innovation in the semiconductor industry, the different trends that pushing the sector forward, and why this change is occurring.  

Going to ETC 2022? We’ll see you there!  

We don’t know about you, but we’re very excited to be at ETC 2022 for the first time this year. Want to learn more about how Incredibuild can help accelerate your embedded software dev cycles? Come visit us on the floor at booth #5039 and let’s talk!  

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Joseph Sibony
Joseph Sibony reading time: 3 minutes minutes May 31, 2022
May 31, 2022

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