Case Studies

IncrediBuild accelerates builds, applications, scripts, and other processes across a variety of industries.  Learn how IncrediBuild can shorten build time and speed your development lifecycle.


achieves 15 times faster test cycles for Precision CAM with IncrediBuild

MEDENT rapidly speeds up development, raising quality and accelerating access to medical records plummeting build time by 20x

CompuGroup Medical

reduces builds from 2 hours to 11 minutes, spending more time on testing and product development instead of waiting– delivering Healthcare and Medical Office Management innovation


Cellebrite dramatically accelerate build time and packaging processes, reducing over-all build process by 70% 


LOGIBALL uses IncrediBuild to significantly reduce Android build (compilation) time, cutting processing time from 15 to 2 minutes. The resulting benefit for the company included two daily hours of time saved per developer!


Gaining developer productivity by accelerating the build process and shortening QA cycles of a large MFC application.

Bugbear Entertainment

Moving from long-running nightly builds to continuous integration with multi-platform asset builds using SCons and IncrediBuild.

Electronic Arts Inc. and XGE

Drastically improved Maya runtimes allow focus on product development.

Sarin Technologies


Embedding IncrediBuild-XGE in Advisor diamond analysis software to achieve superior results and offer enhanced value to clients.

id Software

Exploiting parallelism to reduce compilation times for AI (artificial intelligence) precalculations and shorten turnaround time.

Bohemia Interactive

Enhancing productivity and shortening turnaround time by grid-enabling the processing of satellite imagery.

AlgoTec implements continuous integration and expands automated testing for medical imaging technology - testing hundreds of C++ projects and speeding up builds by 80%

GeoTeric® Implements Continuous Integration & Testing with IncrediBuild, speeding up NVIDIA’s CUDA and reducing build time from 2 hours to 11 minutes


speeds up thousands of unit and integration tests accelerating continuous integration cycle times by 90%.- yielding major delivery improvements.

Turn 10

Turn 10 significantly improve time to market with IncrediBuild acceleration


Accelerating PC-lint C++ code analysis to complete the static analysis of a Visual Studio solution in a fraction of the time.



Slashing build time from hours to minutes for more efficient game development lifecycles for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC Games.

Red Lizard Software

Accelerating Goanna Studio, Red Lizard Software’s flagship static analysis product, to deliver maximum value to the user.

Epic Games

Accelerating the build process for Unreal Engine 3, the driving technology behind many of today’s leading video games.

Hexagon Systems

Accelerate building of terrain tiles from elevation and imagery data for large terrain surfaces rendered for use in flight simulation software.

Scaleform Corporation

Accelerating the distribution pipeline for Scaleform GFx, a high-performance rich media user interface and vector graphics engine.