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MAK Technologies

How MAK accelerated its simulation development to build high-quality simulations for its customers

About the company

MAK Technologies (MAK) is a global leader in modeling and simulation software that links, simulates and visualizes virtual worlds in networked multi-domain synthetic environments. Continuing a tradition that stretches back over three decades, the company’s tools are used by the world’s top organizations for training, experimentation, mission rehearsal, research and development, and virtual prototyping. MAK’s open architecture platform, MAK ONE, enables its customers to build unique, winning simulation solutions.

The challenge – Creating complex environments for real-time training

MAK designs simulations for everything from space to subsurface warfare and combat, including massive scale events. For instance, the company could be tasked with simulating every plane in Europe or the United States interacting with each other, as well as with all shipping traffic across the continents. Unlike relatively simpler simulations in video games, MAK ONE models the whole planet including a high fidelity atmospheric and oceanic environmental model, an accurate gravity and magnetic model, and all the diverse biomes that represent our forests, planes, jungles, and cities on every continent.

This results in highly complex software that must still be delivered at a reasonable cost to consumers. On top of that, the company’s products have a very large code base and teams must support multiple older versions for individual clients while still managing remote work teams. As a result, the company’s compile times are long, and usually happen overnight.

MAK Technologies was committing new builds nightly, end-to-end, with an in-house stack that covers everything from visual rendering, AI, networking, and more. MAK ONE is in a state of continual development where the QA team tests against a fresh build every day. MAK also provides a high level of customer support and needs to build releases to address critical issues quickly.


Incredibuild lets our developers focus more time on making our simulated worlds immaculate

Jim Kogler

VP Products

How Incredibuild helped – shorter compiles, higher productivity

When MAK added Incredibuild to their developer toolchain, the company started seeing a drastic reduction in compile times. In a short span, MAK was able to cut down their average compile time by 50%, leading to stellar productivity that allowed for much better work. In turn, this resulted in customers getting quality products without having to add wait times or cost. “After working with Incredibuild for nearly two decades, we don’t remember what it means to wait for long compile times,” noted Jim Kogler, VP Products at MAK Technologies. “Incredibuild lets our developers focus more time on making our simulated worlds immaculate.”

Bottom line

Incredibuild helped MAK Technologies reduce its developers’ frustration significantly while shortening their compile times. In turn, this allowed the company to continue innovating at a faster rate and deliver high quality products.