There's a simple and speedy way to accelerate code analysis tools

Today’s industry standards require developers, build managers and team leaders to become as agile as possible and run development and test cycles in an automated fashion. Static code analysis, in theory, is supposed to automate various source code quality tests and streamline the development continuous integration cycle.
In real life, however, many developers choose to completely skip code analysis or not implement it frequently enough. Their reason? Code analysis is time-consuming and can yield the opposite effect to the required agile result. Enter IncrediBuild.

IncrediBuild significantly accelerates popular static code analysis tools

Including PC-lint, Klocwork (Rogue Wave) , Coverity (Synopsys) , Goanna and more. For tools like Goanna and PC-lint, IncrediBuild works its parallel computing magic on the developer side by distributing the code analysis and/or the compilation process task needed for code analysis across the network and slashing its duration.
Users of tools like Klocwork and Coverity get to enjoy additional significant acceleration with the elimination of an entire compilation phase. First, the initial compilation is reduced by up to 90%, the standard IncrediBuild benefit to compilations.

Subsequently, the following internal code analysis compilation becomes redundant, as IncrediBuild saves the needed results from the previous compilation stage. And so, the entire code analysis compilation phase becomes obsolete.

IncrediBuild turns code analysis implementation into a breeze, letting developers use it as intended, as part of each continuous integration cycle, and leading to a better compromise-free product.

  • “IncrediBuild has established itself as the leading infrastructure for distributing and accelerating software development tasks.”   

    Gwyn Fisher, CTO ,

Top 3 Benefits of using IncrediBuild

Rapid Code Analysis:

Get code analysis done in minutes not in hours without wasting your time.

Skip a Compilation Phase:

IncrediBuild enables Klockwork and Coverity users to skip the entire code analysis compilation phase.

More Cycles at Less Time

Use your newly freed up time to run more cycles or get the code analysis right to the developer’s hands instead of running it solely on the server side.