Distributed Computing Resources Boost Code Building

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Accelerating the compilation of complex computer codes can be achieved using idle central processing unit (CPU) cycles on computers in a company network, enabling companies to use their internal resources more effectively, says Israeli software company IncrediBuild CEO Eyal Maor.


“Using the idle CPU cycles can accelerate the overall life-cycle management of code development and reduce the compilation time needed for new code building,” he notes.

The IncrediBuild system is focused on C++ and compatible languages of global software giant Microsoft Windows. The company’s program includes support for 64-bit Windows 8 environments.

A small agent is distributed to the other computers on a network that donate idle CPU cycles when they are not used by other processes to process code building.

“The IncrediBuild system is designed to function in a Visual Studio environment in which coders are developing programs and applications. The system breaks the code into units and runs these units through process cycles of helper machines,” says Maor.

Further, only the machine used to develop the code needs to have the code stored on it and the IncrediBuild system distributes the units to the helper CPUs during a process called build virtualisation.

“Users can cache certain often-used information on the helper machines, but mostly we aim to distribute the units in a real-time virtual environment, where the system continuously assesses which machines are idle and can be used to process and compile code.”

IncrediBuild’s main target market is software development companies, game developers, CAD engineering simulations, financial statistics, imaging and high-end software and mobile applications developers, as well as industries that regularly develop and compile software codes.

Further, software development groups can also use the increased speed provided by the company’s software to improve the time to market for their products.

“IncrediBuild’s capabilities also include code analysis, unit testing and quality assurance of completed programs, as our systems reduce the time to compile or analyse code by 80% to 90%,” adds Maor.

South African companies can use the system to accelerate the run time of applications within their working environments as well as for many process-heavy applications.

The company derives 95% of its revenue from international sales and has identified South Africa as an experienced developing market, with a significant number of Visual Studio users and software developers using C++.

“Any company that has daily build and compilation work that takes longer than ten minutes for small compilations or an hour for full builds can use IncrediBuild to improve its applications, life-cycle management,” concludes Maor.

The company is working closely with all international gaming console and plat- form developers to enable faster game development.


About IncrediBuild

IncrediBuild, developed by Xoreax Ltd., is a leading solution provider of software acceleration technology. Harnessing unutilized processing power across networks, IncrediBuild speeds the code build and application life cycle management processes. With its unique process virtualization technology, IncrediBuild has become the de facto standard solution for code-build acceleration on the Windows platform. More than 100,000 users at over 2,000 companies and organizations depend on IncrediBuild, including 20 Fortune 100 companies. 


By: Schalk Burger
Published May 24th, 2013