End of Life (EOL) for Incredibuild software product up to and including version 9.X

Dear Customers and Partners,
This letter constitutes a notice on behalf of Incredibuild Software Ltd. and its affiliates (“Incredibuild” “we” or “our“), that the software known as “Incredibuild”, software product version9.X and all previous versions of it (the “Sunset Product(s)”) will no longer be supported by Incredibuild effective as of December 31, 2023 (“End of Life Date“).

This sunset gives rise to a version, released for General Availability on July 1, 2022, that will immediately maximize utilization of resources, enhance grid visibility, and provide a revolutionary way to accelerate build pipelines.

Incredibuild version 10 provides users:

  • A flexible software licensing model that simplifies licenses activation and management across your organization. You now have a pool of cores that you can easily allocate across any number of machines.
    This includes the ability to gain full control over how you define your Initiator agent, your helper agent, or both on the same machine. The result is ZERO-WASTED CORES.
  • A brand-new web-based Coordinator UI. Besides the fresh look, you can now log in to the coordinator machine from anywhere. All you need is the URL, computer or machine name and the relevant ports. In addition, moving to a new technology paves the way for goodies we have planned for future versions, such as multisite grid management and grid insights.
  • The ability to burst into the cloud when needed or run full CI in the cloud while optimizing cost.
  • The ability to gain more acceleration by reusing cached build outputs in Windows environments; cache what you can, distribute what you can’t.

For more details, please see release notes and documentation.

Please note, best practice is to always use the latest version of any software product for reasons connected not only with features but also with up to date security and compliance, ensuring you are using the latest, most updated and looked after product.

We understand planning for and managing a product in sunset requires efforts and resources. Incredibuild is committed to supporting you through your transition to version 10 (the “New Product“) and would be happy to work with you in advance to assist in the transition.

As of the End of Life Date, we will no longer support, maintain or provide any services related to the Sunset Products. Accordingly, any obligation or liability Incredibuild may had in connection with the Sunset Products, including maintenance and support services, will no longer be of force and effect. If you have purchased a perpetual license to use the Sunset Products, or if on the End of Life Date you have a valid subscription to a Sunset Product, governed by an existing contract with Incredibuild, you may use the applicable Sunset Products until the respective termination or expiration date of such contract, provided however, that following the End of Life Date, we shall no longer support the Sunset Products, nor provide any maintenance or other services in respect thereof and your access and use of the Sunset Products will be at your sole risk.

If upon the End of Life Date, you are or expected to be, an existing customer of any of the Sunsets Products, then it is highly recommend for you to convert your license and update it to be able to access and use the New Product. Upon request, we shall be glad to assist you with this change.

If you elect to upgrade your existing subscription by ceasing to use the Sunset Product under your existing contract and purchasing a subscription to the New Product, all existing active licenses as well as your contract will automatically expire and will be converted to the new licensing model, based on which your subscription fees shall be calculated, per the number of cores you are entitled to in total, based on the number of initiators used by you, and offered to you in your subscription.

As a valued customer of Incredibuild, a subscription to use and access the New Product will be offered to you at terms explained to you when you contact your account manager.

As the New Product will entail a new licensing model, all existing non subscription licenses shall, upon upgrade to the new version be converted to a subscription license and governed by the terms of the EULA, available at: https://www.incredibuild.com/eula-ib10, as amended from time to time, and billed on a subscription basis according to the number of cores and initiators used by you.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding this letter (e.g., the Sunset Products which may be inconsistent with this letter, or questions in connection with any fees), kindly contact [email protected].

Very truly yours,
Incredibuild Software Ltd.