Incredibuild for Financial Services

Incredibuild’s acceleration platform can reduce CI/CD build and unit testing by up to 90% for financial services, maximize your productivity, and optimize your quant trading, risk management, and financial software.

How Incredibuild helps

Faster trades and quicker market data analysis

Empower your team to cut trade times by milliseconds and provide faster, more accurate financial models for informed trading decisions.

Optimized spending and lower financial development software costs

Shift your development processes left to catch issues earlier, saving time and resources. Utilize compute power more efficiently and optimize your infrastructure.

Compliance and reporting efficiency

Incredibuild seamlessly integrates with your existing development environment and tools, maintaining your compliance while offering enterprise-level support.

Banks and Investment Firms 

Speed up risk models and trading back-testing.

Capital markets and Hedge funds

Enhance your quantitative model calculations and algorithmic trading development.

Wealth and asset management

Reduce computation times for portfolio optimization and wealth management planning.

Financial software ISVs

Reduce build times and improve iteration for C++ financial applications and valuation software.

Caching and Distribution

Incredibuild’s Virtualized Distributed Processing dynamically allocates and optimizes the compute resources you have on prem, in your build farm, and on the cloud. Get faster and smarter without adding costs.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Gain valuable insights into the build process with comprehensive real-time monitoring, allowing you to track and analyze build performance and identify bottlenecks.

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Seamless Integration

Incredibuild for Financial Services seamlessly integrates with preferred dev environments, Linux distributions, build environment tools, and technology stacks.

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Secure and Compliant Acceleration

Incredibuild seamlessly fits within your existing security and compliance frameworks, and our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification ensures high-grade data security and quality management.

How Incredibuild accelerates FSI

Algo and Quant Trading

Accelerate your quantitative analysis and algorithmic trading development to gain faster iteration and much faster market response.

Risk Modeling

Empower your team to cut trade times by milliseconds and provide faster, more accurate financial models for informed trading decisions.

Analytics and Valuation tools

Incredibuild accelerates the performance of financial analytics libraries and valuation tools to deliver much faster and accurate financial assessments and decision-making.