Finance & Insurance ACCELERATION WORLD

Accelerate finance simulations and insurance policy calculations by 90%

IncrediBuild’s process distribution technology is a perfect match for finance sector developers and analysts in need of significant acceleration for compute intensive tasks.

IncrediBuild makes the most out of your current hardware by distributing processes in parallel across idle cores over your centralized farm/computer network. There is no need to install anything on those computers or manage the environment, IncrediBuild automatically takes care of all that in real time.
Use IncrediBuild’s plug-and-play Dev Tools solution to accelerate your company’s existing internal tools.

Speed up complex simulations, model tests, portfolio analysis, policy calculation algorithm crunching, in addition to complication testing and overall software development by up to 30x faster.
Since simulations are usually parallel by nature, IncrediBuild can easily give them a major speed boost.

Reduce project
build time by up to


or more

Achieve maximum acceleration and zero IT headaches. There’s no need for complex development configurations, setting up VM banks or managing clusters. IncrediBuild can run various models in the same environment with no need to set up image banks or duplicate datasets thus saving major IT overhead.

  • “We're using IncrediBuild to speed up billions of simulations to make sure our logic behaves correctly and that our math is paying out and behaving in the way that we expected it to”

    Nhu Mai, Software Developer IV,
    Everi Holdings

Top 3 Benefits of using IncrediBuild

IT Heaven

IncrediBuild arrives out-of-the-box ready to accelerate with no IT nightmares and complex configurations.

Run different models on one environment

Run various models in the same environment in parallel at the same with no IT overhead.

Accelerate Development and Run-Time Performance

Get a dramatic speed boost for both development and actual real-time performance.

Stop Wasting your Time