If you’re not using Visual Studio 17.6 Preview 3 or newer and downloaded the Incredibuild Build Acceleration extension, please follow these instructions to enjoy Incredibuild 10, the latest version of our platform, before you register for your free license.

Accelerate Visual Studio builds for free!

Get Incredibuild acceleration completely free for life with our new Free license!

Start accelerating your individual projects on Windows with no limits on the number of packages or integrations you can run!

With the Incredibuild 10 Free License you can:

  • Gain full access to Incredibuild acceleration
  • Manage and distribute your cores remotely
  • Work with another developer to build a more powerful core grid
  • Scale to cloud easily

Get started with Incredibuild 10 now!


Do I need to give you payment details to try Incredibuild?

Not at all! There’s no commitment, and no requirements. Simply fill out the form and you’ll receive an email with the installation details

How many agents can I install my Incredibuild trial onto?

You can use Incredibuild with up to 2 users during your free trial

Will this change my codebase?

Nope! Incredibuild doesn’t require you to change any scripts or your command line.

I love Incredibuild and want to upgrade to a paid plan. How do I upgrade?

Awesome! You can contact us at [email protected]‎ and we’ll help you complete the process

Can I get a demo of the Incredibuild platform?

You absolutely can! You can request a demo directly from the Incredibuild home page, or from here

What do I do if I have any issues?

You can find quick answers in our Knowledge Center, or contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP

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