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Bohemia Interactive used to spend eight whole hours each time they processed satellite imagery for their famed game series, ArmA. When they discovered IncrediBuild, the studio’s developers managed to cut that Image processing time by more than 90% into 40 minutes.
This is only one of hundreds of game developers and Image processing software related developers who have experienced the same.

IncrediBuild has become an essential companion solution for any developer (at least those who don’t like to waste their time) in charge of compute-intensive image processing procedures. Our customers use IncrediBuild to dramatically speed up the processing of satellite images, terrains and 3d models, and applications like Autodesk 3DS Max or Maya batch for rendering and texture compression, by up to 30x faster.

How does it work? IncrediBuild’s non-intrusive Process distribution tech speeds up development processes by empowering a designated machine (or several) to utilize all the cores in ALL these machines across the network.  Instead of waiting for each image to process, simply process images in parallel and save more time for actually creating, testing and delivering the best product possible.

  • “Thanks to IncrediBuild, a complete off-line preprocessing step could be easily accelerated from days to hours.”

    Tomas Skacel, 3D Graphics Programmer,
    Hexagon Systems

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IncrediBuild harnesses the underutilized CPU power you ALREADY have but don’t use.

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Use your own machines to accelerate your development, no external hardware needed.

Process image 30x faster

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