IncrediBuild Announces Expanded Support for Microsoft Azure

EnterpriseTech – April 30, 2015

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52% of developers currently use or plan to use a cloud service as part of their development process (such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Visual Studio Online and Amazon Web Services), according to a new survey released today by IncrediBuild at Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference.

While at Build, IncrediBuild also announced enhanced support for Azure. With IncrediBuild and Azure, developers can use the processing power of the cloud to accelerate their software builds, development tools such as complication, testing, rendering, and other processes including all automated processes as part of their continuous delivery and continuous integration. It will significantly increase developer productivity while getting products to market faster, taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility offered by cloud deployments.

By deploying to the cloud, organizations can accelerate their development with IncrediBuild without investing in additional, local hardware but rather use the scalability of the cloud.

“With IncrediBuild on Microsoft Azure, development teams get the additional on-demand resources they need in order to accelerate their development lifecycle,” said Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild. “With IncrediBuild, as presented in the example above, developers can use the public, private, and hybrid cloud to accelerate every aspect of application development, from initial build through testing to final packaging and everything in between.”

“As deployment becomes more accelerated, many organizations are adopting the cloud as a component of becoming agile throughout their development process,” said Mitra Azizirad, General Manager of Developer Platform Marketing and Sales at Microsoft. “IncrediBuild provides support for Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio 2015, helping facilitate cloud adoption and increasing both productivity and efficiency for developers.”