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Fact: THE COALITION used Incredibuild to deliver two high-scale Gears of War AAA games in one year. They were able to pull it off by scaling Azure with Incredibuild into a 700-core virtual supercomputer, well beyond the limitation of Azure’s most powerful single VM. You can do it too. Instantly scale up to hundreds of cores by combining Incredibuid’s virtualization technology within cloud services. Run using any cloud provider Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon’s AWS, OpenStack, or others.

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Incredibuild is the only solution in the market today

that can immediately create an HPC in the cloud out of simple 8-core cloud VMs, giving you unprecedented performance for the duration of your build process. In other words, not only does Incredibuild accelerate your build, it also saves you major cloud resources cost otherwise incurred for running your builds over a cloud environment.

By integrating Incredibuild with the cloud

whether as a pure cloud deployment or hybrid cloud mode, you can add the power needed on-demand and accelerate builds, testing, graphics, and any other slow development process you might have as part of your build.

You can easily use more resources

during peak times and then revert to using your local infrastructure. Alternatively, you can choose to have all your development done in the cloud and gain ultimate scalability at all times.

By deploying to the cloud

organizations can accelerate their development with Incredibuild without investing in additional local hardware or incurred additional IT management overhead. Instead, they can use the cloud’s scalability and efficiency. Incredibuild Enterprise Edition allows you to automatically release and allocate licenses in scenarios when you need to provision and release VMs in a dynamic cloud environment, whether it’s a public, on-premise, or hybrid cloud.

Top 3 benefits of using Incredibuild

  • Beyond the cloud:

Incredibuild enables each machine to perform as a virtual supercomputer with hundreds of cores, well beyond the core limitation of your public cloud’s most powerful single-virtual machine.

  • Hybrid or full: 

Go hybrid or full cloud and pick the public cloud you prefer; Incredibuild empowers them all.

  • Flexible deployment:

Real-time, up-and-down scalability empowers you to allocate resources for any period, and just that.

  • “Incredibuild adds yet another layer of scalability to Visual Studio, enabling developers to scale their applications to the cloud.”



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