IncrediBuild Launches Start Up Development Acceleration Program

Helps startup companies accelerate their software development so they can fundraise & go to market faster

Tel Aviv, Israel – November 11, 2015 – IncrediBuild, the leading solution provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology, announced today the launch of the Startup Development Acceleration Program.

The Startup Development Acceleration Program helps early-stage startups accelerate their software builds, and development processes so that they can quickly reach investors and go-to-market faster.

Early-stage startups need to release early and often. Lean startups release a minimal viable product (MVP) to market as soon as they can, and then keep continuously release in order to find the product-market fit.

The IncrediBuild Startup Accelerator program allows qualified early stage starts to receive  free IncrediBuild licenses for six months plus free maintenance for a year. Startups don’t have the time to waste with time-consuming support and professional services, so this program also provides free professional services and support for the first year.

“We have all started there and  would like to contribute to early-stage startups and enable them to go faster to market to test drive their product,” said Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild. “As a software company ourselves, we’ve been there and we understand the difficulties faced by early-stage startups. All companies need to be agile in today’s competitive business environment. For startups, speed is their main competitive advantage. IncrediBuild’s Startup Development Acceleration Program enables early-stage companies to accelerate their development so that they can be truly agile and frequently release their innovative products.”


For more information and check if you qualify to join the program, see