IncrediBuild’s offering helps game developers dramatically reduce processing time, accelerates time to market

Tel Aviv, Israel – August 11, 2014 –IncrediBuild scored a top honor, being named as part of the top 10 of the Develop 100 game development tools.

“Developers are spoilt for choice when it comes to game-making tech,” wrote Develop. “In today’s market of increasingly strict deadlines, it’s no wonder IncrediBuild made our top ten.”

IncrediBuild accelerates CPU-intensive processes, such as code builds, video processing, graphic rendering, shading, lighting, AI, and physics as well as all top game engines, home grown tools or other aspects of development like testing and QA by utilizing unused or underused compute resources across a private network, public cloud, or hybrid environment. Game development for video games, PC, online, or console-based such as Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Sony PlayStation or Nintendo Wii and Wii U all has been dramatically reduced. With over 100,000 users at more than 2,000 companies, including most of the AAA game development companies, IncrediBuild has become the de facto choice of developers who want a competitive advantage to speed their games to market.

“We’re pleased to receive this recognition from Develop 100 experts, especially since the judges consist of studio CTOs, independent developers, and other industry professionals,” said Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild. “While we love awards and the fame, this in part came about because of how the gaming industry has embraced our solution. We will continue to drive IncrediBuild forward, giving game developers hundreds of hours of their lives back so they can focus on creating dynamic, inventive games and getting them to market quickly.”