IncrediBuild Speeds Development of Xbox One Games

Xbox One games can get to market faster with dramatically truncated processes


Tel Aviv, Israel – May 22, 2013 – IncrediBuild’s application development acceleration solution speeds game development for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.


A great console demands great games,” says Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild. “By accelerating the entire application lifecycle management process, we ensure that gaming companies can deliver their games faster to market following the launch of the new Xbox console.”


IncrediBuild’s harnesses unused processing power across the network, speeding every aspect of the entire game development process: code build, rendering, image processing, lighting, shading, compression, encoding, testing, QA, code analysis, and more. It is integrated with all versions of Visual Studio 2012, including the latest upgrades, as well as all previous versions and with the Xbox One development platform. It supports all code-build and development tools, both commercial and in-house.


Reducing time to market is critical for development companies to maintain their competitive edge. IncrediBuild not only provides that edge, it delivers additional cost savings by accelerating other tools like rendering, encoding, and shading that require lengthy processing time. IncrediBuild support for 64-bit and full Windows® compatibility – including Windows 8 - ensures it is easy to use in any network environment.


In fact, Microsoft Game Studios® itself has been a long-time user of IncrediBuild technology for its own development, among many other companies. Disney, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Crystal Dynamics are just a few of IncrediBuild’s other 2000 customers.


“A new game developed for Xbox One needs to be dynamic and visually engaging,” concluded Maor. “For developers, each step takes a significant amount of time and creativity. With IncrediBuild, they can reduce down time to maintain the intensity they bring to create exciting, intense games and, most importantly, get to market as soon as the console is available.” 


About IncrediBuild

IncrediBuild, developed by Xoreax Ltd., is a leading solution provider of software acceleration technology. Harnessing unutilized processing power across networks, IncrediBuild speeds the code build and application life cycle management processes. With its unique process virtualization technology, IncrediBuild has become the de facto standard solution for code-build acceleration on the Windows platform. More than 100,000 users at over 2,000 companies and organizations depend on IncrediBuild, including 20 Fortune 100 companies. 


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